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"The one we were waiting for"
(july '01)
This time, the big one we were all waiting for (the volcanoes freak, not the inhabitants of Nicolosi) is occuring at last. Started the 17th of july, we could get last minutes plane tickets three days after. First two, then three. Alain finally got his the very morning we went, on july, 21st.
"Crilibi's birthday"
(may '01)

      To celebrate Christian's birthday (alias Crilibi), here we go to watch the biggest candle he'll ever had. Little activity at the summit cone, but a nice big lava flow. It is also my first time with a digital video camera. If I've some time, the site will come.

"Perfect timing"
(april '00)
      Paroxism stage seems continuous since january. We go back with 8 friends, ih the hope to see one of these famous lava fountaining of the south-east crater
"Etna : I'm back"
(november '99)
     As Etna shows off again in the end of September, I'm going back with the two Thierry's, the wife of one and the brother of the other for another long W-E. (In french, but mostly pictures)
"Flash visit"
(february '99)
     Because of current activity, two of us went back (Bernard and Jean-Louis), just for a  Week-End, to see lava flows
"Friends first"
(october '98)
    All that is nice and well, text, pictures and so, but many of our friends were keeping asking "What about us?". Under the people's pressure, and as you guessed, we didn't needed that much, we went back once more to our favorite volcano with friends, after having gathered all what we could as information about recent activity.
"Merry Easter!"
(Easter '98)
     But all this was without my Marie-Paule. With the help of my enthousiasm and the nice pictures, she was decided to come along. And this time, not for the dolce vita on the small island (you know, Vulcano, Stromboli), but for the real mountain.
So here we go, just two of us, heading for the big, the real volcano. The relation of our "heroic" journey and our Easter hollyday week is written by MP. Only in French actually, but the pictures are in English ;-)
"Cinders & Parmeggiano".
(september '97)
      We went for the first time on the Etna with four, four passionnate guys for volcanoes and spectaculary visions.
A meeting between members and readers of the same monthly newspaper
(LAVE) decided us, and we departed a few days later, end of september. The result of this journey is related here in English.

Of course, we have our little favorites for info about Etna or other volcanoes. Here are some links to follow:

Boris Behncke Boris Behncke: German geologist working in the Catania university, his site is really complete, and the Etna news are always hot. Lots of links to other pages
Alain Melchior Alain Melchior: Geologist, enthousiastic about volcanoes, he searched for gold in the Pampa and was one of the four in our first visit to Etna. Nice site with efforts put on visual and fun. Nice 3D views..

Charles Rivière: From some time, the site of this French, computer scientist at "Générale des Eaux" and collaborating with CEA/CNRS, seems to be better than Boris's one, regarding the updates. For very hot news (in french)...
Volcano World Volcano World: A classical, and they have an 'Eruption Update address list' which will warn you by e-mail when they have news.
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Etna live cam

Etna Live Cam: don't miss it! A View of Etna's summit, updated every 30 sec. With archives every 10 sec. The Istituto Internazionale di Vulcanologia  operates this camera which possesses an infrared filter for night pictures. Unfortunately, the recent eruption disabled it...


Jean-Louis Piette

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